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All sorts of interesting stuff about Ham Radio and old gear from Steve G3ZPS, near London in the UK

Welcome to vintage KW Ham Radio by G3ZPS

These pages include information on my lifetime in this hobby and one of my retirement passions for restoring valve ham radio equipment by KW Electronics Ltd. The firm was local to my home town and although it effectively stopped producing ham radio gear in the late 70s there is a body of collectors in the UK (mostly) who keep examples on the air well into the 21st century.


Site Summary

I started collecting and restoring vintage ham radio equipment in 2002, when it bacame obvious that the equipment may become scarce in the future. My tube equipment collection started with a Drake R4B quickly followed by a Drake T4XB. The Drake collection slowly grew as my enthusiasm to buy waxed and waned. My next target was closer to home (literally!) KW (Dartford) and the collection has grown quickly in recent years -  I have been very lucky to pick up some very good examples, although I have tended to concentrate on the later 2000 series SSB radios. The older 50s 'boat anchors' are large and pretty heavy !

Look through these pages to see more of the collection and some of the trials and tribulations of keeping this old kit on the air in the 21st century.  I also build QRP tube and solid state radios, audio amplifiers, music synthesisers, run my own music studio and play the guitar (a lot!)

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I am a member of one of the oldest UK Radio Clubs - Cray Valley. This club has a large membership, is very well organised and caters for all aspects of the hobby - including a comprehensive training programme. Email me at , Facebook G3ZPS  or Facebook Steves Homepage or main ham radio website at
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Latest - February 2018

Donated KW2000CAT SSB 'HF RADIO TELEPHONE'. My mate paid £1 for the carcass of this radio at a junk sale and then gave it to me. So many bits missing I thought I had no chance..but my friends came up with 1.4 MHz IF filters and the carrier crystal. It also needed 2 power supplies, my DDS, and a brand new ZPS designed valve PA to get it on the air. The ONLY outlay was £1 for the knobs. 80W out on 80m. This was the most challenging renovation yet - and I am truly amazed that its on the air


Latest HF Conditions

This is best site I have found for assessing HF propagation over the UK